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This month's Free MP3 of the Month is "Bert's Place," from the Mark Lewis Cool Jazz Trio's "Infinite Points" album.  Mark engineered the recording at Audio Daddio studio. Richard Person is on trumpet and Steve Luceno on bass. 

“Bert’s Place” was written for Bert Wilson, a fine saxophone and clarinet player who was a friend of Mark’s. Bert had polio as a child and said playing saxophone saved his life. The doctors kept predicting he wouldn’t live much longer, but he made it to age 73. Mark liked to go to Olympia and spend time with him. Bert always appreciated the visits because he was in a wheelchair and it was hard for him to get around. Mark first went to Bert’s Place with Bud Young who owned Bud’s Jazz Records in Seattle and did a lot for the jazz scene there. Bud loved Bert and invited Mark to visit with him, knowing that Mark didn’t drive and would only be in town from Europe for a short time. Bert was also a friend of Gary Bannister who was a very close friend of Mark’s. Gary put Bert’s first album on Gary’s label. Some people didn't understand Bert's playing, but enough did that he was celebrated, and that's enough for most musicians.

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“superb original works … wonderful, flowing and joyful” – Chris Lunn, Ancient Victorys Newsletter

"showcases Lewis’ skill as a composer and his ability to handle all three of his instruments with aplomb.” – Jim Hynes, Making a Scene

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Selected in the Cadence Top 10 Critics Poll for 2021

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“Paul Desmond cool, deliciously bluesy” – George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

" A distinctive original" – Paul de Barros, Earshot Jazz

“an innate lyrical bent that makes one think of what Art Pepper might be sounding like if he was still with us” – Larry Hollis, Cadence Magazine 

“I feel like I’m getting transported to a whole other auditory universe.”  –Joe Dimino, Neon Jazz  

“original music … lyrical and beautiful … very fine album.” – Dr. Debra Jan Bibel