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Mark says people need Mercy, Mercy, Mercy again this month. People are too sad. This is a live recording from the days of El Coral in Bremerton. It features the great Overton Berry, whom you can hear this Month in Bremerton, on piano, Bob Matthews on bass and Charles Gaines on drums. Mark also said we should add the recording of his composition One World Anthem.


But where is that recording? We couldn't find one performed by Mark. A computer search found it on the harp demo CD Mark recorded for Rhonda years ago at Audio Daddio Studio. One World Anthem was in her repertoire when she used to play Celtic harp for captive audiences. It's not the highly professional level of musicianship you get from Mark, but it's useful because it shows that musicians of all persuasions can adapt some of Mark's wonderful compositions to what they do.


The recording covers two of the three parts of the composition. The C part uses Mark's square (stacked fourth) and star (stacked fifth) chords, not suited to this particular instrument.


Guide to chord symbols    pdf manuscript of One World Anthem      

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