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The New York Session. Eleven of Mark's compositions recorded in Brooklyn, New York with an exceptional band of New York musicians. Liner notes by renowned jazz author Ted Gioia.

"This record is a killer, we're playing it a lot at KNKX 88.5"  - Abe Beeson, Evening Jazz host, KNKX Seattle

"A beautiful album by four excellent craftsmen giving life to Mark Lewis's compositions -- the real stars of this show. Listen a couple times; you'll be whistling these captivating melodies, too. - Lynn Darroch, Bright Moments Café host, KMHD Portland

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This month’s free MP3 download is Reverence from Mark's 2008 CD Of Hip do I Sing. Late one night Mark woke up and thought, 'I need to write a song for God.' He was very inspired and wanted to record it that night, but had to keep the volume low to stay out of trouble with the landlady. There was something in his rental agreement about appropriate hours and loudness for saxophone. He mostly kept it quiet and somehow got away with the other notes ... Mark is playing both sax and piano on this recording.

There's a bonus this month, a previous free download returns. It features one of this month's guest musicians in The Fremont series, Josh Mason, with Mark, on a live recording of Blue Moon. Josh grew up on the west side of the Sound. So did Mark. We want everyone to know that all of the musicians in The Fremont series are amazing so you can feel confident stopping by or recommending to others often, for any week. 

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