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Free MP3 Download of the Month

In keeping with the theme of the painting used in this month's poster, this month's free download is from Mark’s 2009 album with the same painting on the cover, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The song is As Heroes Depart, written for Bremerton artist Chuck Smart, who passed way too young. Chuck was one of the few people who knew of Mark from the New York loft scene. Mark used to play for his art shows from time to time, and misses those days. Mark played percussion for the intro because Chuck was a drummer.

This month's as well as last month's free MP3 are from a period of time when Mark recorded a number of his compositions by playing most or all of the parts himself in his studio, usually late into the night. It documented some of his compositions of the period in a format most of us can understand, not just as notes and chord symbols on paper. The recordings are different than what he does at shows and with other musicians in the studio. There are some real gems in the mix.

Still up from last month, Rhonda's 12 Bars from Mark's 2012 album, Enjoy the Ride. Mark says that he specializes in writing 12-bar songs that are a little different.

Guide to chord symbols    pdf manuscript of As Heroes Depart    pdf manuscript of Rhonda's 12 Bars

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