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This month's free MP3 is Emery, from Mark's 2012 album Enjoy the Ride. Emery the person is the daughter of Mark's niece Amy. Maybe you've heard Mark tell the story of the song Amy, which was on his 1988 release on Quartet Records, In the Spirit.

The story goes that Mark came back to the Northwest for a family visit when he was living in San Francisco. Mark's sister Julie left Mark to watch her baby Amy while Julie went to the store. Mark claims she actually took off for a longer time. Amy started crying and Mark didn't know what to do except play the piano. He ended up writing a beautiful song and Amy stopped crying.

The Prince of Thailand at the time heard the song Amy after it was released on In the Spirit, and he was a jazz fan. Mark heard that the Prince loved the song and that it became a number one hit in Thailand.

When Amy the niece had her baby Emery, Mark was inspired to write another song, similar in tone to Amy, and that song is this month's free MP3 download. We’ve also posted Amy, in case you’d like to listen to the relationship. Amy was recorded at the Music Annex in Menlo Park CA and features Mark Lewis on alto, Mark Levine on piano, Larry Grenadier on bass, Donald Bailey on drums.

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